Ancient Lakes Liquid Magnesium Mineral Drops

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Ancient Lakes Liquid Magnesium Mineral Drops boast 98,000 ppm of magnesium ions, plus calcium, potassium, sodium, boron, zinc and other minerals, all sourced from an ancient salt lake. Ideal for adding to drinks, juices or meals, this concentrated source of magnesium and other minerals delivers a powerful boost to your daily intake.

  • Highly bio-available and quickly absorbed
  • A great way to increase your magnesium intake
  • Stored in glass to maintain purity
  • Add to juice, or a bottle of still or sparkling water to sip throughout the day
  • Safe to cook with – unaffected by heat
  • Comes with glass dropper.


How to use:

Adults: start with up to 10 drops added to water, juice or food daily.

During the warmer months or periods of physical activity, Ancient Lakes Liquid Magnesium Drops provide an effective, natural means of deep hydration and electrolyte balance. Hydration goes beyond just water consumption - did you know that you can drink lots of water and still not be properly hydrated?

Magnesium is also a crucial nutrient involved in many bodily operations, and is essential for a healthy, optimally functioning nervous system. Magnesium needs increase when under periods of adrenal or other stress, and we love using these drops as a way to deeply nourish and support our bodies in this way!

This listing is for 1x 95mL glass dropper bottle of magnesium drops.