Welcome to our FAQ page! Hopefully our answers to our most frequently asked questions can help you out, but if not please feel free to reach out via Instagram or through our contact page.

Where are you based?
We are based in QLD, Australia. We are deeply grateful to work and reside on unceded Wangerriburra Land.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We do offer international shipping but please note that every country has its own entry requirements for product, especially when it comes to herbal items. We are not responsible for any packages destroyed by customs, or any import fees. Please be mindful when ordering to international locations!
What does preorder mean?
Products are put on preorder if they are a limited edition item, or if we have a longer than usual wait time on that item. If you make an order that contains a preorder item, your entire order will be sent together when the preorder item is ready for shipping. If you need the other part of your order sooner, please order those items separately. Preorders typically ship out within 2 weeks of your order date unless otherwise specified. 
What are your lead times for shipping?
All orders that do not contain a preorder item are shipped out within 7 days of the order date. We typically send out orders on Tuesdays and Thursdays, however if you require an order to be dispatched more urgently, please email us at team@grownbotanicals.com.au (ideally prior to ordering) to ensure that we can make this happen for you.
Who are you?
We are a small husband and wife team that runs Grown Botanicals. Hannah is our head herbalist & naturopath, and she formulates and hand blends all of our botanical products. Chris helps with logistics and packing orders. You can find out more about what we do on our about page.
What mushrooms do you use?
We use certified organic, di tao grown, dual-extracted, powdered mushroom fruiting body extracts. We believe this is the best, safest and most absorbable option for using medicinal mushrooms. All of our mushroom extracts are tested for heavy metals and contaminants. 
Do you grow your own herbs?
Not at this stage! We would LOVE to grow our own herbs, but that would require a very large scale organic farming operation that we are not equipped for yet. All of the herbs we use are certified organic and we will always opt for Aussie grown where possible. Where each herb comes from may vary from batch to batch, but if you have a question about where a particular herb comes from, please reach out on our contact page