Tonic Blend - Lavender Haze

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The formulation of the ever-popular Lavender Haze tonic blend is designed to help with sleep and stress relief, making it ideal to consume during tense moments of the day or to aid relaxation in the evening. Boasting notes of vanilla and a subtle hint of lavender, this blend is sure to convert even the toughest of lavender skeptics. With a mild milky chocolate flavour, this tonic blend is more subtle than our other blends.

Developed to deliver nutrient-rich ingredients to your favourite cacao beverage with minimal fuss, just add 1-3 tablespoons of tonic blend to 250mL plant mylk to your frothing device or gently heat plant mylk and blend on stovetop for a tonic drink that will nourish the body and warm the soul. 

This particular blend also mixes well with our vanilla stevia drops and our magnesium mineral drops!

The Lavender Haze tonic blend is available in both 250g refill bags and 250g amber glass screw-top jars. Our goal is to keep our packaging sustainable while offering you a longer shelf-life for your delicious tonics! Our products are measured by weight, not by volume. 

All of our tonic blends are intended for use as food products.

*This blend was previously known as the Lavender Reishi tonic blend. The name has changed but the formulation is exactly the same!*