Frankincense Incense Resin

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This beautiful resin is to be used as a loose incense or for external or ritual use.

Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) is a type of boswellia resin that has great therapeutic value for the skin thanks to its high content of alpha-Pinene, and is often used in facial oils and products for the skin. The ancient Egyptians would burn frankincense until it was black, and use it as their iconic heavy black eyeliner.

It was also used in ancient Egyptian culture as an insect repellant, as a salve for wounds, in the embalming process and as a perfume! It has been traded, along with myrrh, in the Middle East and North Africa for over 5000 years, but it is also found in Oman, Yemen and Western Africa.

Research suggests that the scent of frankincense may support positive emotional states, and may be useful for those suffering from anxiety.

Frankincense has been burned as a sacred incense across many belief systems, and is still used to this day.

As with many sacred plants, over-harvesting and inappropriate and damaging wildcrafting of frankincense resin is occurring. The resin is extracted by making cuts in the bark of the frankincense tree. Too many of these cuts results in a compromised immune system within the tree and leaving the tree open to infection and death. This means that we need to be mindful and considerate about our use of any sacred plants, and to use them sparingly and with reverence! Deeply value these 50g packs of high quality frankincense resin, and use with intention.

Please note, these are measured by weight and not by volume. This product is not for internal use. This listing is for a 50g mini bag of resin.