Ceremonial Cacao

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Ceremonial cacao offers a very different, but a wonderfully intense and beautiful experience to our powdered tonic blends. These solid blocks of cacao are a traditional way of enjoying cacao, with the whole bean present.

This form of cacao offers a nutritionally whole version of our beloved cacao, and is made from grinding the whole cacao beans (after they have been fermented and dried) into a paste, which is then left to set, instead of going through the process of separating cacao powder and cacao butter.

We source our ceremonial cacao from Paula and Shepp, a dedicated husband and wife team from Tasmania. Paula and Shepp stone-grind their ethically sourced organic, heirloom Peruvian cacao beans by hand, to produce this premium quality ceremonial cacao.

The blocks are packaged in eco-friendly materials that are free from plastic. You can enjoy the ritual of chopping and making this cacao as a part of your daily mindfulness rituals, or enjoy in ceremony or meditation to enhance your consciousness. The stronger the dose, the more intense the experience. Our favourite way to enjoy it for daily use is to blend the melted cacao with warmed almond mylk, medicinal mushrooms and maple syrup.

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Each block will be different from the last, and offers a new chance for discovery with each unique batch.