Apothecary Ritual Candles

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Ritual candle burning is a beautiful intentional practise that can be used both for mindfulness, and for spell work. These beautiful beeswax candles were handcrafted and rolled in homegrown herbs by Andrea from Apothecary of Sacred Rituals for naturopath Hannah Forest, and are available here on the Grown Botanicals site. 

These ritual candles are extremely clean-burning, and were designed for deep physical and energetic healing. They are wonderful for meditation, or for use in your personal spellcraft, and can also be used in a therapeutic session with Hannah, which can be booked over on her site. You can see what sessions are available here. Candles have been used for thousands of years, and rituals involving candles have been incorporated into spiritual practise across the world, and featured heavily in many ancient cultures. 

Two of these candles feature mugwort, a herb chosen for its deep and penetrating nature. Mugwort helps to drive an intention deeper due to its ability to enhance circulation and flow of blood, and this herb is also known as the Mother of Herbs as it has a strong affinity for women's health. Magically speaking, mugwort has been hung in doorways, and used to facilitate connections with the ancestors. 

The rose candle was formulated with rose petals to lift energy and call in more love and community. Rose is one of the highest frequency flowers, and as such can raise the vibration of those who use it. Rose is supportive in grief and assists with healing of the heart.

Rosemary is a highly protective herb, and also supports circulation and sharpness of the mind. Rosemary has an affinity for the mind and nervous system, and is wonderfully purifying, driving out stagnant energy and illness.  

Linden, also known as lime blossom or Tilia, is very calming and incredible at relaxing the nervous system and the body as a whole. It has a rich history dating back to Ancient Greek and Slavic traditions, where it symbolises love, compassion, wisdom and was often seen used in weddings, fertility rites and for peace in the home. 

Yarrow is known as a deeply protective plant, and deeply healing. This is an essential plant to any herbalist, and has been used throughout time to ward off evil, used in boundary spells and worn to enhance courage. This plant is also considered to be ruled by Venus. 

Mallow and cornflower are both used for love workings, psychic and spiritual workings, third eye ritual/meditation and protection magic. Lavender calls in serenity, peace and supports the nervous system. It is also clearing and purifying.

The Rosemary + Mugwort candle is now made with a black beeswax, to assist with its clearing and protective qualities. The Rose + Mugwort and Linden + Yarrow are made with a natural coloured beeswax. 

These candles should always be watched while burning, as the dried herb can cause a larger flame than standard candles. They are a small, slim 'chime' style candle, and the rate of burning will depend on you and your intention.