Adaptogenic Chai Spice

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This product has been a long time coming for us here at GB. Chai is our most requested product, and we wanted to do a chai in a way that was authentic to us! We are so glad to now be able to introduce you to our Adaptogenic Chai Spice blend.

This blend is a mix of warming spices, completely different to other chai powders that we've tried. This chai is inspired by a masala chai, so it has a darker, richer profile that is sure to set your senses alight. We have included two of our favourite adaptogenic herbal friends in this blend, ashwagandha and turkey tail mushroom, to deeply nourish and support the nervous system and immune system (and really the whole body) while you enjoy a delicious brew or add it to your food. 

This blend is completely free from any sweeteners, and is a concentrated spice blend. This makes it perfect for adding to our Original Tonic Blend, Ceremonial Cacao, or beverage/food of your choosing. You only need between 1/4 tsp to 1 tsp depending on what you are making! Also a delicious partner to our Red Rose Powder.

This listing is for a gorgeous 60g amber glass jar of chai spice.