The Energetics of Rose

When I was younger, I associated roses with grandma's garden. Then, as a young adult I associated them with very expensive bouquets on Valentines Day. I couldn’t understand why so many people got excited over these pricey flowers!

Now that I have deeper understanding of the plant, I really want to share my discoveries of rose with you so that you can understand how special this plant is too, and how you can weave its use into your life.

Roses have been enjoyed for centuries, and have been found across the globe. They have featured in famous works such as those of Shakespeare, and Greek mythologies, and are shown to have been used in many widely varying traditional cultures. Roses have also been used as a symbol throughout many organisations, religions and spiritualities (think freemasonry, tarot and the bible). There are also several ways to harness rose energy that don’t involve using the flower at all! The main point that I want to focus on today, however, is the ability of rose to shift energetic frequencies within the body, and the surrounding environment.

To understand this concept, we must first address energy and our biological makeup. To put it simply, everything is energy. Our bodies, and everything around us is simply made up of vibrating atoms. The speed at which they vibrate dictates whether something is present as a solid, liquid or gas. This can be a confusing topic to delve in to, but it’s mostly just important for you to understand that e v e r y t h i n g is energy, including you. You are an energetic being, living in a world literally made up of energy. When you understand this, it is easier to understand concepts that have previously felt so out of reach, such as manifestation and ‘raising your vibration.’

When it comes to vibration, not all is created equal. There are tests that are used to see how small particles, such as sand or water droplets, react when they are exposed to a range of vibrational speeds and words. When exposed to a lower vibrational speed, the sand formed displeasing patterns and shapes. The water, when exposed to positive words, formed more beautiful crystals. There is even a boutique wine company in Canada who found that music cleared their wine better than any fining agent! They ended up opening a recording studio within their storefront so that people can play for free, and it benefits the wine. Pretty cool, no?

Just like with sounds and words, different foods, liquids, and activities have varying vibrations. With over half of our body made up of water, and our whole body made up of vibrating atoms, I definitely want to ensure that I am including as many high vibe activities, foods, and experiences as I can. Just as important, is surrounding yourself with high vibe people! Alas, I digress.

The primary reason I wanted to explain all of this, was to now tell you that rose is one of the highest vibrational items that you can get your hands on! The way we measure vibrational energy is via a unit known as hertz (Hz). To give you some context, most essential oils come in at around 52Hz, and can span up to around 320Hz, which is the measure of Damask Rose oil. All of this goes into saying that rose is one of highest vibrational plants, and can actually raise your vibration when you are exposed to it!

Ways to harness rose energy:

  • Rose water - my personal fave way to incorporate rose energy into my day. Rose water has a gentle rose scent, and is super refreshing to spritz on your face as a toner, as a room spray or just as a refresh during the day to shift the energy. I also put food grade rose water into my tonics with medicinal mushrooms and some cardamom and cinnamon for a romantic Turkish touch.

  • Rose essential oil - rose oil can be anointed with, made into a perfume, or diffused into the air. It can even be used in chocolate and food items! Be aware that rose oil is not very sustainable to make, and takes 10,000 roses to make 5mL of rose oil. That’s between 60-100 roses PER DROP, so use this oil wisely. Using a diluted rose oil such as the oil from Eco Modern Essentials is a great way to enjoy the benefits of rose in a lower impact way! It’s said that rose oil will attract faeries.

  • Rose quartz - technically not an actual rose, but has love energy and high vibes nonetheless. Rose quartz attracts unconditional love, strengthens relationships of all kinds and enhances compassion and self love. Still a beautiful way to harness the energy of rose in your daily life. Send me a message if you would like to order an intuitively chosen rose quartz!

  • Rose flowers - roses in a vase, either fresh or dried, can be a great lift to a room.

  • Dried rose incense - try burning dried rose petals on a charcoal dish for a herbal incense. Contact me if you would like to order loose organic rose petals to use in tonics or as incense.

  • Rose tattoos - if you identify with the rose really strongly and want it with you permanently, I think a rose tattoo could be a lovely way to invoke rose energy every single day.

  • Rose imagery - support a small photographer or artist and find yourself some rose artwork, or get creative and make some yourself! Pop it on your altar, or in the bedroom. Wherever you want to draw in a little love energy.

  • Rose correspondences - roses are associated with the deities Hathor, Hulda, Eros, Cupid, Demeter, Isis, Adonis, Harpocrates, Aurora and of course, Venus and the divine feminine.

Meanings of colour:

Different colours can mean different things. Although pinks and red are generally associated with roses, you could use different coloured roses around your home to evoke varying emotions and set specific intentions/frequencies depending on what you are needing the energy for.

  • Red - the queen of roses, symbolising mystery, enchantment and romantic love. Red roses signify passion and deep desire.

  • Pink - a beautiful rose for the beginning of a relationship, or as a symbol of good will and thoughtfulness. Generally quite a sweet, gentle and flirty colour of rose. Playful, in a sense. A great rose to call in or celebrate happiness and sweetness. A joyful energy. A deeper pink is a good symbol of gratitude and feminine power.

  • Yellow - yellow roses signify joy, happiness and caring emotion. In the Victorian era yellow roses were a symbol of jealousy and infidelity, but in modern times yellow roses represent friendship, and celebration such as the birth of a baby, a graduation or an engagement. A very platonic flower.

  • Orange - orange roses are another romantic rose, and is a great choice for Valentine’s day and anniversaries. Orange roses indicate enthusiasm, desire and attraction.

  • White - white roses are associated with the Virgin Mary, symbolising reverence, purity, truth, and new beginnings. Great for younger girls/women or used in weddings.

  • Burgundy - deep devotion, lust and desire, definitely a romantic rose.

  • Peach - peach roses are a rose of sympathy. A good rose for grief and communication.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about the energetic properties of rose, and that you find a way to bring a little bit of rose into your life. Shift that energy! Next time you’re feeling a little off or a little lost, rose just might be the right ally for you.

Hannah Forest


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