Sweater Weather Autumn Roundup

Seasonal living is something that is talked about a lot more often these days, and the idea of seasonal living harkens back to the times of our ancestors - when life was simpler and we lived more in-tune with the world around us.

Our modern society has lost this connection in many ways, and it is no wonder that so many of us are looking to reintegrate seasonal living back into our lives. We cannot be complete without a solid connection to the natural world!

An easy way to start bringing elements of seasonal living back into your daily rituals is through your food and drink. Here in the Southern Hemisphere the weather is turning, we are well in the throes of autumn and as such we may be feeling the pull towards root vegetables, soups, stews and warm drinks instead of iced. Certain herbs also bring us closer to the feeling of autumn, and so because we prioritise seasonal living here at Grown Botanicals, we thought we'd put together a little roundup of our favourite teas and tonics to include throughout these chilly days and nights. 

The Original got its name for a reason... This blend was our first tonic blend formulated, and is a mainstay for our tonic lovers. With 8 different medicinal mushrooms it's great for not only supporting your energy & immunity this time of year, but makes a great cosy base for other cool-weather add-ins like cinnamon, nutmeg or chilli. The OG blend is also great as an add-in itself and can be a wonderful addition to your morning coffee (hello superfood mocha vibes).

If you've never tried tulsi before, there isn't really a way to describe the flavour other than delicious. This tea is dark, herbal and pepperminty with a touch of lemon balm, and is the quintessential autumn witches brew. Perfect for supporting your nervous system and whole-body health, this blend is not one to ponder on for long - it's a must have in every tea cabinet.


Aphrodite's Rose is a limited edition tonic blend that we are re-releasing for preorders for the rest of May. We usually bring this blend out in February for Valentine's Day, and it's one of our best-selling blends. Heart-opening rose, warming subtle chai spices and sweet carob make this cacao perfect for the darker, colder days.

If you are as passionate about minerals as we are, look no further than the Moon Mother tea blend. Ideal for supporting healthy hair, skin & nails, this minty fresh blend has bright notes from the anti-oxidants and vitamin C in the rose hips, and nervous system nourishment from our fave oat straw. This blend is *pregnancy-safe (always check with your healthcare provider before starting any new herb or supplement any time, but especially during pregnancy), and gentle but so very building for the body. With a large percentage of the population becoming mineral-deficient due to poor soils and filtered water, this is probably our most valuable tea blend for the whole family. 

We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about our sweater-weather top picks for the autumn season, and as always, feel free to send through any questions over on our instagram or via our contact page!

- Hannah
*Please note that no information in this blog post has been evaluated by the FDA or TGA and should not be interpreted as medical advice.