5 Key Benefits of the Adaptogenic Turkey Tail Mushroom

Turkey Tail Mushroom, scientifically known as Trametes versicolor, is a type of mushroom that is widely recognised for its medicinal properties and is one of our top favourites here at Grown Botanicals. It is named after its colourful fan-shape that resembles the tail feathers of a turkey. The use of turkey tail mushroom in traditional healing modalities dates back thousands of years, and native variations of this polypore mushroom have been found across almost every continent on Earth (including here in Australia!).

Turkey Tail Mushroom is rich in bioactive compounds, including polysaccharides, phenols, and flavonoids, which contribute to its numerous health benefits.

Here are 5 key benefits of turkey tail mushroom that make it a must to include daily:
1. Immune System Support

Turkey Tail Mushroom contains polysaccharopeptides, which have been found to enhance the activity of natural killer cells and other immune cells, as well as working to promote immunomodulatory benefits (literally helping the immune system to regulate itself - how cool is that?). This can help strengthen the immune system and improve its ability to fight off infections and diseases.

2. Antioxidant Properties

The phenols and flavonoids present in Turkey Tail Mushroom have potent antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help neutralise harmful free radicals in the body, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. This can have a positive impact on overall health and may help prevent chronic diseases.

3. Gut Health

Turkey Tail Mushroom contains prebiotics, which are beneficial for gut health. Prebiotics serve as food for the beneficial bacteria in the gut, promoting a healthy balance of gut flora. A healthy gut microbiome is essential for digestion, nutrient absorption, and overall well-being, and we prefer focussing on prebiotics over probiotics for exceptional gut health!

4. Supports Healthy Cell Apoptosis

Research suggests that Turkey Tail Mushroom may have anti-cancer properties through its ability to support effective cell death in unhealthy or abnormal cells. It contains compounds like polysaccharopeptides and polysaccharides, which have shown potential in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and boosting the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatments.

5. Potent Adaptogens

We could wax poetic for days about adaptogens, and turkey tail mushroom is one of our favourites, and is why we have included it in our Adaptogenic Chai Spice powder alongside ashwagandha extract. There are many ways that these mushrooms function as adaptogens, including through cortisol modulation due thanks to their beta-glucan content. Adaptogens help the body adapt to stress better, reducing or preventing negative symptoms associated with stress, and supporting the nervous system to avoid burnout and adrenal insufficiency. Adaptogens are our go-to along with gentle nutritive and nervine herbs to really nourish & rebuild the body. 

Overall, turkey tail mushroom is the perfect addition to your daily tonic rituals (you'll also find turkey tail extract in our famous Original Tonic Blend). Functional mushrooms are best used in small amounts but consistently over time for best benefit, and this is why we formulate products that can be used in food daily as a way to enjoy your mushrooms in a way that feels easy and brings you joy.

Did you know these facts about turkey tail mushroom? Be sure to send through any questions you have either via the chat function right here on the website, or via our Instagram page!