Ashwagandha – A Super Soother Herb for Building Resilience

Ashwagandha is a plant very commonly known for its association with Ayurvedic herbal traditions, however it is also used commonly in Western Herbal Medicine practices. You might also know this plant as withania, winter cherry or Indian ginseng, and we’re about to tell you why ashwagandha is one of our top picks for supporting your nervous system and building resilience within the body!


Ashwagandha is what we refer to as an adaptogenic herb – meaning quite simply that it helps your body adapt to stress better. Have you ever experienced a really intense period of time at work, school or personally, and as soon as you get the chance to go away for a holiday or take a couple of days off you crash and maybe even fall ill? 

This is your body saying “I’m safe to get sick now” because you’re no longer running from a perceived threat. Adaptogens help to lessen the physical and mental impacts of stress, and are an essential type of herb to include regularly throughout your life.

The energetics of ashwagandha are warm, moist, sweet and slightly bitter. Some of the herbal actions we associate with this plant are adaptogenic, alterative, anti-inflammatory, nervine trophorestorative and immunomodulator. According to the person-picture types described by renowned herbalist Dorothy Hall, withania or ashwagandha would be used for the ‘wired and tired’ individual. The person who has pushed so far past their fatigue and burnout that their nervous system is ready to give up. This person can still present as ‘wired’,  however, so you’ll see this type of person getting up at 5am every morning for a bike ride, always saying yes to every request and taking on far too much in their day-to-day. They may seem energised, but their nerves and adrenals really need some support and TLC. Cue: ashwagandha.

 Now this herb is not for everyone, so if you have a history of thyroid conditions, are on medications or are pregnant/breastfeeding it is always best to consult your preferred healthcare provider before starting on any new herbs or supplements. It’s also important to note that this plant is a member of the nightshade family.

For those that ashwagandha is a good match for, however, this herb is excellent at restoring and replenishing  a nervous system, endocrine system and body in general that is deficient, run-down and just plain exhausted. This plant has been used to support long-term healthy sleep, reduce negative impacts of stress and anxiety, support regulation of the immune system, reduce inflammation, improve mental/cognitive function long-term, help to regulate stress hormones/endocrine function, support fertility and so much more.

With adaptogenic herbs we like to use a little over a longer-term period of time. This is why we have paired potent ashwagandha extract with the incredible turkey tail mushroom extract in our Adaptogenic Chai Spice powder – a spicy, warming chai spice that can be added to drinks, food and used in ritual work for supporting a healthy nervous system and strengthening immunity.

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Happy herbing!